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iStaging - Interior Design With Google Tango & Augmented Reality

Download iStaging now for FREE! Google Play: App Store: iStaging...

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Google Tango phone app demo

A demo of some of the augmented reality (AR) apps the first Google Tango phone, Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro, supports.

App Review #1 | Measure - Tango AR | How to use

Project Tango: Make Augmented Reality that Sticks

In this episode Nicolai Munk Petersen talks about Augmented Reality and explains what it takes to make your first experience with Project Tango. And it's all about timing. Right now, people...

Project Tango - Virtual and Augmented Reality for Mobile Phones (Ubiquity Dev Summit 2016)

We're working to make every smartphone a Magic Window into the world. See how a sofa looks in your living room. Know which exit to take when you get off the subway. Play with a virtual cat...

Introducing WOORLD

Game designer Keita Takahashi introduces our new title WOORLD - a whimsical and creative augmented reality game built for Tango technology. Please enjoy! If you pick up a Tango-enabled device,...

This AR App Puts 3D-Scanned Rooms at Your Fingertips

Using depth, motion and IR cameras, this new app can make a three-dimensional rendering of a room or object using a Project Tango-enabled smartphone. Read more:

Showreel 2016 - Mixed Reality - AR - VR - QR - Apps - Desktop Presenting some of our last year projects. Including different cases: - Mixed Reality - Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality - Apps - Games - desktop software - databases.

3D Augmented Room Design Using Tango Tablet (Senior Project)

App from IKEA and Apple: to see furniture with AR is a novelty in Android

App from IKEA and Apple: to see furniture with AR is a novelty in Android. It is an application that allows you to test the furniture of the IKEA catalog directly in your living room, without...

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